The Book

It’s the story of Mike Douglas, a decent guy who’s worked hard and tried to do the right thing. His business, Interstate Motorcycles, a small motorcycle dealership in rural Missouri, has been hit hard by the Wall Street financial collapse and subsequent deep recession. He and his wife, Lori, have been playing a high-interest shell game trying to keep their business alive and their creditors paid while watching their revenues decline and every other aspect of their work and their lives unravel.

Almost out of options, running out of time, and now in the winter, typically the slowest time of the year for the business, Mike is propositioned by an outlaw motorcycle club to fence stolen motorcycle parts through his store, bringing in much needed cash. When all else, even prayer, seems to have failed him, Mike joins the club’s scheme-and soon finds himself involved in much more than he bargained for.

Unable to withdraw from the trap, Interstate Motorcycles finds itself involved in drug sales, weapon shipments, sex slaves, and murder. Mike’s business-and his life- are at stake as Christmas nears and 2009 draws to an end. It will take a miracle for the Douglas family to survive.

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